IRI Brings
the Same
Professionalism to Every Task.


  • Cross-border Investigations

    Cross-border investigations require special skills and knowledge. IRI has conducted thousands of investigations throughout the United States and Spanish-speaking Latin America over the course of four decades. We know how to navigate the practical, legal, and ethical challenges international investigations pose. Our extensive network of contacts and resources allow us to obtain sought-after information, evidence, and witnesses more effectively and efficiently than other investigators. With this familiarity and expertise, we deliver the results of our investigation on time and on budget.

  • Cyber Investigations

    Nearly all modern investigations have a cyber component. IRI’s digital forensics examiners have worked on many of the largest and most complex digital forensics investigations and incident response matters. Our services include:

    • Forensic preservations and examination of hard drives, servers, cloud resources, mobile devices, and web content
    • Mobile and remote forensics
    • Deep web research, preservations, and monitoring
    • Network forensics
    • Malware analysis and reverse engineering
    • Incident response
  • Due Diligence

    IRI conducts deep investigative research and provides valuable insights regarding individuals, companies, organizations, and movements. Whether investigating an adversary, vetting a witness, or evaluating prospective business partners, IRI provides the facts our clients need to make informed decisions, develop and implement strategy, and protect their interests.

  • Field Investigations

    IRI investigators have conducted thousands of field investigations and tens of thousands of witness interviews in dozens of countries. Our teams are comprised primarily of former law enforcement officials, intelligence officers, legal professionals, and journalists from the countries in which we operate. Our local connections and deep network allow us to embed our teams and effective operate in locations others cannot.

  • Product Liability Investigations

    IRI is the unrivaled leader in providing investigative services in connection with product liability litigation stemming from vehicular accidents and industrial accidents in Latin America. From Argentina to Mexico, IRI has conducted thousands of investigations for leading U.S., Asian, and European vehicle, tire and component parts manufacturers, owners of industrial facilities, firearms manufacturers, chemical companies, and others. These cases often involve fraud and unscrupulous claims, and IRI's investigation provides defense counsel the evidence they need to confront plaintiffs, win the case, or settle on favorable terms. With traditional means of discovery frequently limited or unavailable in foreign litigation, our clients know that our investigation can fill the information void and protect their interests.

  • Mass Tort Investigations

    IRI has conducted numerous investigations for oil and gas producers, mining companies, and chemical and pesticide manufacturers and end users faced with class action or mass tort claims. Our efforts have uncovered and helped prevent some of the largest litigation frauds ever attempted. For example, evidence uncovered by IRI investigators helped a leading food production company defeat recognition and enforcement of billions of dollars in fraudulent Nicaraguan judgments based on alleged pesticide exposure. IRI’s work for a large oil company similarly helped defeat the enforcement of a multibillion judgment in Ecuador. IRI has had similar success uncovering fraud and securing exculpatory evidence in many other cases.


IRI has provided extraordinary support for out team for many years. IRI is diligent, highly cost effective, and very responsive. Partner, AmLaw 20 Law Firm, Dallas, TX