Forty Years
of Excellence.


IRI was founded in 1981, and since that time, has become a leading provider of private investigation services throughout the United States and Spanish-speaking Latin America. We distinguish ourselves by focusing on litigation support and investigative services; obtaining reliable, relevant information and evidence; and assisting and supporting our clients from initial investigation through trial or other resolution.

Investigations require unique skills and knowledge, as well as an extensive network of contacts and resources. Our reputation, expertise, and capabilities are confirmed by the fact that we are frequently engaged by other investigative firms to conduct field investigations in regions where they lack the resources and ability to perform.

IRI has a versatile and experienced team comprised of U.S. and Latin American former law enforcement and intelligence officers, lawyers, journalists, researchers, digital forensics examiners, and analysts. Our core services include field investigation, discovery and trial support (e.g., authentication/apostilling of public records, witness location and coordination, obtaining affidavits/declarations, deposition support, and trial graphics), research and analysis, web preservation, digital forensics examinations, and public record procurement. We have assisted clients in a variety of matters, such as those involving product liability (e.g., vehicular accidents, industrial accidents), toxic torts, fraudulent claims, and the FCPA (investigations and support).

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IRI is my first choice in investigation firms. Their investigations are targeted, effective, and conducted with the highest regard for ethical rules and practices. Partner, AmLaw 20 Law Firm, New York, NY


IRI has conducted thousands of investigations through the United States and Spanish-speaking Latin America. Our clients include large and small law firms and companies, including several of the AmLaw 20 and Fortune 10, many of whom are household names and have been clients of IRI for more than 20 years. We believe the stability and longstanding nature of our client relationships is a testament to IRI’s professionalism, integrity, and effectiveness.

We succeed by forming strong partnerships with the businesses we serve. Our client relationships often span decades, and include, among others, major oil and gas companies, pharmaceutical corporations, technology companies, financial services firms, retailers, agricultural companies, and vehicle, tire, and component part manufacturers. Because IRI takes confidentiality and discretion seriously, we do not name or provide identifying information regarding our clients.